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Oslo Consulting Group was founded under the name of Kornbeck AS in 2001, as the major shareholder of The Performance Group (TPG) when the MBO was carried out that year. The Performance Group grew to become one of the most influential consultancies in Norway, and merged with Rambøll Management Consulting in 2013. As the consulting services continued to be a much sought-after solution, the company continued its consulting journey under the name of Giramar Consulting, a part of the Giramar Group of Companies. In 2021, Giramar Consulting changed its name to Oslo Consulting Group. 

Throughout the entire journey, the core has been the same: Working closely with a select group of customers as leading experts in the field of Scenario and Strategy Development, Team- and Leadership Development and Organisational Change. Over the years we have gained extensive experience through a broad spectrum of projects in industries like Banking and Finance, Insurance, Energy, Shipping, Engineering, Health and IT. Most of our current clients are based in Northern Europe, and we draw upon a well established network of internationally experienced senior consultants.



Based on the many years of working in the field of team and leadership development, we have learnt that there are a few key success factors to be taken into account. A successful development program ought to have the following characteristics:


Research based: Hone in on the factors especially relevant to achieve increased efficacy to ensure a targeted and focused development process


Two foci: Business and Process: Development must always be guided by the business agenda in order for the Leadership Team to grow as a team and at the same time address key strategic issues for the company

Secured transfer from good plans to new praxis – training: Be concrete and to-the-point and ensure a common understanding of what plans translate to actual behaviour. A necessary basis for the most important development step: Trying it and doing it!

Individual follow-up: Continuous personal and close follow-up with expressed commitment to change is essential in order to secure sustainable change and increased value-added contributions from the team: new praxis